Top 10 Biggest Esports Prize Pools in 2023

Esport, a term many youths will be familiar with, is also known as electronic sport or e-sport. It is a competitive competition between computer game players in tournaments and league competitions.

Competitions are held in multiplayer games. These competitions and games have clearly defined rules. Xbox, PlayStations and mobile devices are used to play these competitions online.

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Popular esport games

  • Counter Strike 2
  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • PUBG Mobile
  • FIFA
  • Free Fire
  • World of Tanks

As esports has gained worldwide popularity, many companies have started sponsoring tournaments in the industry. These sponsors invest huge amounts of money into the sport to advertise their products and promote sales.

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Despite its legal challenges, Japan has seen the most rapid growth in esports. The Japanese market for esports is worth around $77.1 million, more than twice that of other countries.

Compared to traditional sports, esports have a wider audience than traditionally recognized. While a younger audience may shun traditional media in favor of esports, parents play casual games for fun.

According to eMarketer, 83 percent of men and eighty percent of women play video games regularly. Similarly, seventy-one percent of Americans in their late 50s and 60s are gamers.

List of 10 Biggest Prize Pools in Esports

  1. The International (Dota 2) 2021 – $40,018,400.00
  2. The International (Dota 2) 2019 – $34,330,069.00
  3. The International (Dota 2) 2018 – $25,532,177.00
  4. The International (Dota 2) 2017 – $24,687,919.00
  5. The International (Dota 2) 2016 – $20,770,460.00
  6. The International (Dota 2) 2015 – $18,429,613.05
  7. Fortnite World Cup Finals (Fortnite) 2019 – $15,287,500.00
  8. Fortnite World Cup Finals (Fortnite) 2019 – $15,100,000.00
  9. The International (Dota 2) 2014 – $10,931,103.00
  10. The honor of Kings World Champion Cup (Arena of Valor) 2021 – $7,728,000.00

The International (Dota 2)

The International is an annual world championship for Dota 2 players hosted by Valve. The first edition was held in August 2014 at Gamescom, and since then, the championship has been held annually.

In 2020, the tournament was not held due to the covid-19 pandemic. A total of 18 teams participate in the championship. 12 teams are invited directly from the Dota Pro Circuit tournament system, and six teams advance to the championship.

Since 2013, the prize money has been funded through revenue (25%) from the Battle Pass. On a global scale, this is the esport event with the most valuable prize money, which increases yearly.

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Fortnite World Cup Finals (Fortnite)

The Fortnite World Cup is an annual esports competition based on the video game Fortnite. The inaugural final events occur July 26–28, 2019, at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York City, United States.

A total US$30 million prize pool was available across the various competitions.

Honor of Kings World Champion Cup (Arena of Valor)

10 Biggest Prize Pools in Esports

The 2020 Honor of Kings World Champion Cup is a World Championship event for Honor of Kings, organized by Tencent and VSPN. The tournament will take place in China, China across Shanghai and Beijing.

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In Conclusion

The biggest prize pool for competitive games is undoubtedly Dota 2, but that doesn’t mean that other eSports games don’t have valuable competitions with prizes. CG:GO, FIFA, Starcraft II, Call of Duty, and Overwatch are just a few eSports games that also hold professional tournaments and competitions yearly.

As you can see, prizes and tournaments in eSports are no joke. The simplicity of a classic video game and the compulsion to play in front of millions of viewers and fight for stunning prizes explain the significant growth of the online sports industry.

The growth in the quantity and quality of professional esports tournaments and competitions is huge. It is also not surprising that many Bitcoin casinos are beginning to embrace online sports and offering attractive markets and odds to bring fans even closer to the online sports industry.

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