How to Bowl an Off Cutter: A Guide for Cricket Players

In cricket, an off cutter is a delivery bowled by a right-handed bowler that moves from the off side to the leg side of a right-handed batsman. It is achieved by imparting sidespin on the ball using finger and wrist action. The bowler releases the ball with the seam angled towards the leg side, causing it to deviate off the pitch. This variation challenges the batsman’s technique and can lead to mistimed shots, edges, or dismissals. The off cutter is a valuable weapon, particularly on pitches with variable bounce, and has been effectively utilized by renowned bowlers like Glenn McGrath, Stuart Broad, and James Anderson.

Variations of Off Cutter Bowl

Leg CutterCuts away from the right-handed batsman
Slower CutterSlower in pace with deceptive movement
Reverse CutterMoves in reverse direction after pitching
Knuckle CutterGrips the ball with knuckles for extra spin

Understanding the Off Cutter:

  1. Definition and Basics:
    • Explanation of what an off cutter is and how it differs from other bowling techniques.
    • Discussion on the grip, release, and seam position.
  2. Execution and Technique:
    • Step-by-step breakdown of the bowler’s action while delivering an off cutter.
    • Focus on wrist position, finger placement, and body alignment.
Understanding the Off Cutter

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Swing and Movement:

  • Explanation of the swing and movement generated by an off cutter.
  • Insight into how the seam position affects the direction of the ball.

Impact and Effectiveness:

  1. Disrupting the Batsman:
    • Analysis of how the off cutter can deceive and trouble batsmen.
    • Discussion on the off cutter’s ability to induce false shots and dismissals.
  2. Tactical Usage:
    • Insights into when and how to effectively use the off cutter.
    • Strategic considerations based on pitch conditions, batsman’s weaknesses, and match situations.

Variations and Innovations Bowl Off Cutter:

  1. Leg Cutter:
    • Exploring the leg cutter as a variation of the off cutter.
    • Explanation of its execution and movement.
  2. Slower Cutter:
    • Highlighting the slower cutter and its deceptive nature.
    • Techniques to reduce the pace while maintaining accuracy.
  3. Reverse Cutter:
    • Intricacies of the reverse cutter and its unique movement.
    • Insights into its execution and strategies for success.
  4. Knuckle Cutter:
    • Unveiling the knuckle cutter as a specialized off cutter variation.
    • Discussion on the grip and delivery technique.
Variations and Innovations Bowl Off Cutter picture

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Famous Exponents and Memorable Moments:

  1. Notable Bowlers:
    • Profiles of renowned bowlers known for their mastery of the off cutter.
    • Examining their impact on the game and memorable performances.
  2. Iconic Deliveries:
    • Recounting famous off cutter deliveries that have shaped cricket history.
    • Instances where the off cutter played a pivotal role in crucial matches.

How to Bowl an Off Cutter?

To bowl an off cutter in cricket, follow these steps:

  1. Grip the ball: Hold the cricket ball with your bowling hand using a standard grip. The seam should be positioned vertically, running from the top to the bottom of your hand.
  2. Adjust the grip: Move your index and middle fingers slightly across the seam, towards the leg side of the ball. The amount of movement depends on the degree of deviation you want to achieve.
  3. Apply pressure: Apply slightly more pressure with your index and middle fingers on the side of the ball facing the leg side. This will create a slight tilt to the seam.
  4. Position your wrist: Position your wrist so that it is slightly angled towards the leg side at the point of release. This helps in imparting the required sidespin on the ball.
  5. Bowl the delivery: Maintain a smooth and controlled run-up, bringing your bowling arm forward in a fluid motion. As you release the ball, ensure that the seam is angled towards the leg side. Focus on maintaining a consistent wrist position and follow-through.
  6. Practice and refine: Bowling an effective off cutter requires practice and experimentation. Work on your grip, wrist position, and release to achieve the desired amount of movement and accuracy.


The off cutter is a skillful bowling technique that adds intrigue and excitement to the game of cricket. Understanding its execution, variations, and strategic usage can provide bowlers with a valuable weapon in their arsenal. By mastering the off cutter, bowlers can disrupt batsmen, deceive opponents, and contribute to their team’s success.


A: Focus on wrist position, finger placement, and consistent practice. Seek guidance from coaches or experienced bowlers.

A: Proper grip, seam position, and release play a crucial role in generating movement. Experiment and refine your technique.

A: Yes, the off cutter can be a valuable weapon in limited-overs cricket, especially in conditions favoring swing and movement.

A: Yes, variations such as the leg cutter and slower cutter share similarities with the off cutter but have distinct characteristics.

A: Several great bowlers, including Saeed Ajmal, Muttiah Muralitharan, and Vernon Philander, are known for their mastery of the off cutter