How to Maintain Your Baseball Card Collection in Good Condition

If collecting baseball cards is your passion, you need to ensure that you take measures to take care of that collection so it stays in excellent condition year after year. It is not enough to be super organized and use the correct labelling system and binder. As you know, there is a lot of money in collecting cards and some cards go on to make a fortune in auctions. The better condition the card is in, the more it will be worth. Knowing how to store and keep your cards from deteriorating is hugely important. Below are some top tips on how to improve the longevity of your card collection.

Avoid Exposing Your Cards to Moisture

The place where you store your cards is really important. You can’t just leave them anywhere. Depending on where you live will determine what measures you will need to go to, to protect your baseball card collection. Storing the cards in a dry place that is temperature controlled will ensure that they’re kept in mint condition. Humidity can wreak havoc on your precious collection. Be certain that the area is both dry and cool. Extra care and precautions should be taken depending on the weather conditions. If you live in an area which is prone to dampness during the winter months, be aware of this and also be aware of where your cards are stored. You may need to keep changing your storage location throughout the year due to this reason.

Use the Correct Type of Storage

When you have implemented a storage system for your cards, think about the effect it may have over time on the collection. Rather than using a regular box or folder, consider using one which is suitable for card collecting. These are designed for long-term storage and ensure that no damage happens. Many avid collectors choose to use Top Loaders which are rigid individual card holders. These work much better than your average plastic pocket that you would get from a stationery shop. If you store your baseball cards in boxes and you have enough room, avoid stacking them on top of one another. The extra weight might damage some of the cards.

Store Them Away From the Ground

Try not to store your baseball cards close to the ground, especially if you are storing in a garage. The ground could be damp and can cause the cards to become wet, particularly if you have them stored in cardboard. This tip is also important if you live in an area that floods during the winter months and experiences snow. Consider a shelving unit on the wall. This will not only ensure the protection of the collection but also free up further space on the floor for less delicate items.

Rare and Expensive Cards

If you have a card with a high value, you may want to get a security deposit box. Rare cards are a huge asset. Ensuring their protection is paramount. This way you will not need to be concerned about dampness and other damage that can be caused. It also ensures that no one can take it, if a situation arises.

If you are serious about baseball card collecting, be sure to understand how to store your cards for them to stay valuable.