sportsEssential Cricket Equipment to Include in Your Cricket Bag – for All Beginners

Are you a cricket enthusiast who simply cannot get enough of cricket? Besides following all matches, cheering for your favorite team, and following your favorite cricket players on all social media platforms, you might be aspiring to become a cricket player yourself. Naturally, you would be learning the gaming tactics of your favorite players along with joining your local sports clubs.

It doesn’t matter who your favorite player is; imagining hitting the balls and scoring like Adam Gilchrist is nothing less than bliss. You might aspire to become an excellent bowler or just make an all-rounder or sharpen your skills as a wicketkeeper. Whatever cricket position you choose, you need to go to your training session well-prepared and have all essentials in your cricket bag. Maybe, you would like to buy a cricket bag from Kookaburra – they have an amazing range for cricket enthusiasts.

It doesn’t matter what level you are. You could be a beginner cricketer as well. Read on to know about the essential cricket equipment you should consider buying and including in your cricket bag for the best training sessions.

White Training Uniforms

Since the very start of cricket history, we have seen cricketers wearing white apparel during their training sessions and even live matches. There is nothing wrong with wearing whatever you like; as long as it is comfortable and doesn’t hinder you from training with full potential during your training sessions, we recommend that you get white cricket apparel to get into the spirit of cricket.

Bat, Helmet & Gloves

Your training sessions are incomplete without a cricket bat, cricket gloves, and helmet, especially if you are training as a batsman. Before buying a cricket bat, you must assess it from certain levels, such as the weight and the height of the cricket bat. Is the grip of the bat comfortable and ergonomic? You need to assess the pitch that will be used for your training sessions before buying a bat. Lastly, you will see your budget before you choose a cricket bat that suits the purpose.

As a beginner-cricketer, we recommend getting a junior bat that won’t cost you more than $150. When it comes to the cricket helmet, many newbies make the mistake of training without safety equipment. Trust us when we tell you that it is better to be safe than sorry and suffer from unnecessary injuries that could be easily avoided in the first place.

Besides protecting your head, your hands need to be safeguarded as well. The batting gloves also provide a comfortable grip on the bat while supporting your palms during batting. You can get batting gloves in all kinds of sizes. As we mention the mandatory batting equipment, it would be wrong to skip in batting pads which are also essential for all training sessions. The batting pads will protect you and allow you to feel comfy and lightweight during running and batting.

Final Thoughts

You might be a beginner and in the process of making, but with the help of all necessary cricket equipment, you will soon get to the top and pave your way to success. Make sure to rake your cricket bag, with all cricket belongings, wherever you go for your training sessions. You could also include cricket balls in it. Lastly, don’t forget your water bottle to stay hydrated during training.